Welcome to our online singing community! This is a space for you to explore, practice, perform, create and share vocal music. Whether you are exploring singing for the first time, or you have been taking singing lessons for years, you will find technique tutorials and passion projects (creative challenges) suited to your level of ability, and everyone is welcome to get involved with the Cosy Choir (our new online vocal ensemble). Get singing! 

Warm Up 

This is a 10 minute guided vocal warm up to help you get your voice ready to sing. You can follow along with this video to warm up before Cosy Choir, before you begin a vocal technique tutorial, or any time you want to sing! If you don't have 10 minutes, I suggest just doing the first 3 'siren' exercise (about 2 minutes).

Where to Now?  

Vocal Technique Development

Develop your vocal technique through this bespoke series of vocal tutorials, designed to challenge and engage singers of all ages and experience levels. 

In this level we will explore a range of fun vocal exercises, challenging tongue twisters, cannons, simple scales, and improvisation games, while gradually  building the foundations of good singing technique. 

Expression series

In this level we will dive deeper into developing our vocal control and performance skills, focusing on expressive phrasing, dynamic shaping, vocal tone, story-telling and helpful scales for improvised melodic ornamentation. 

imporvisation series

In this level we will explore a step by step approach to crafting a mature and engaging improvisation style, covering a range of mode-scales, extension arpeggios and guide-tones to build our improvisational vocabulary.