We had a very abrupt end to our Dance program in Term 1 and I know you are all eager to get back to it. Like with many things, we have had to be creative and innovative about the way we proceed during this extraordinary time. Social distancing restrictions have had an enormous impact upon the Arts community and our program is no exception. To keep our love of Dance alive we have created a variety of opportunities for you to engage with in the coming weeks whilst all regular after school dance classes have been suspended. Please see the details below: 


Pre-recorded Classes

During Term 2 our Co-curricular Dance classes will not follow their usual timetable structure. Instead, via the Performing Arts Hub, students will be given access to pre-recorded classes from their dance teachers to continue to develop their skills from Term 1. Click 'Dance Now!' button on the left hand side to explore our online Dance library. (Password- scotchdance)

Monday Medicine

All dance students from Year 5-12 will be able to access a live dance class on Monday afternoons from 4pm through Zoom.  Monday Medicine is an express 45 minute class designed to bring together students from multiple year levels to continue to develop fundamental Dance skills.

InspirED Dance Collective

Performance work is a much loved aspect of our co-curricular classes and whilst classes are not running in their usual format we would like to offer a performance outcome for all students. At the beginning of the term students will be able to opt-in to a collaborative performance project called ‘InspirED Dance Collective’. These collectives will be facilitated by a dance tutor live on Zoom on Wednesday afternoons and will run from Week 3-7. The end product of the students’ work will be created into a Dance Film that will be presented to the community later in the year.

Passion Projects 

During the term students can also complete ‘Passion Projects’. These activities have been designed to inspire, motivate and connect our community. These small projects can be completed at any stage throughout the term and students are encouraged to submit a photo of their work to be included in the Passion Project Gallery within the Performing Arts Hub.

Whilst there has been much work behind the scenes, the most important ingredient is YOU! I welcome you to the Hub and all it has to offer and I encourage you to get involved in as much as you can. I look forward to seeing you on our 'Term 2 Dance Information Zoom' on Wednesday 29th April at 4:30pm. Until then, enjoy exploring this vibrant space and feel free to get started with some pre-recorded classes from your teachers.

The show must go on!

Mrs Patterson 


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Starts from Monday Week 1 @ 5pm


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Hello dancers!